About Us

PT. Koffiendo Sukses Makmur (KSM) is a coffee roastery company based in Bogor. We process the coffee beans chosen by the best farmers from the best coffee beans in the Indonesian archipelago such as Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Kopi Mandailing, Kopi Toraja and others.

Through rigorous testing and supervision, this process finally resulted in the best blend and high-quality pure bean coffee with the Dailybrew Premium Coffee brand name. Dailybrew Premium Coffee is offered to consumers in a variety of packaging, available in beans or ground coffee (ground) and packaged in various sizes; 100 grams, 220 grams and 1 kg, and also available in the form of Dripbag. Dailybrew Premium Coffee also offers mixed coffee specifically for the needs and requests of hotels, restaurants and cafes.

PT. Koffiendo is also engaged in the coffee shop business with the brand name "Daily brew Coffee and Eatery". Daily brew Coffee and Eatery continues to grow and will be opened in various regions in Indonesia. Dailybrew Coffee and Eatery provides a coffee and non-coffee menu from Blendhouse coffee signatures.