Daily Brew Koffie and Eatery is a business part of PT Koffiendo Sukses Makmur (KSM). KSM participated in taking part in the growth of the creative industry in Indonesia and became one of around 3,000 coffee shop brands in Indonesia. Daily Brew will be developed into a coffee on demand business. Where the speed and accuracy of services, products that match the trend of favorite coffee lovers in Indonesia, become a differentiator with its competitors. The current trend still shows the growth of the coffee-based beverage market in Indonesia, due to the increasing coffee consumption per person, from 0.8 kg to 1 , 5 kg per year. While the coffee shop business continues to grow by around 16% per year.

Daily Brew Koffie and Eatery , is an introduction and friend for Coffee lovers to open daily activities (boost your daily activity), become stimulants and boosters for the emergence of innovations and creative ideas in work and other activities. The Daily Brew through the Research and Development (R & D) team continues to explore the desires and trends of coffee lovers with pure coffee products and derivative products.

Daily Brew Koffie and Eatery outlets are an alternative for coffee lovers to get single origin drinks from all over the archipelago, coffee beverage base products with singnature blend from reliable roasters. Elegant outlets with interior design and design, calm and comfortable atmosphere, so that consumers get a memorable experience. For consumers who do not have enough opportunities to come to the coffee shop, simply install the DB Koffie application from Playstore and Appstore. Consumers can order favorite menus. The desired input time for the order will be taken (pick-up) or received through the service between those that will arrive at the desired time